Today, Saturday 13 May 2017, I went to try The Avocado Show with my parents. Last time I went I was there with just my mom throughout the week but because it was Saturday my dad joined too. The food last time was really good thats why we came back again today to also try new dishes from last time. The Avocado Show was opened around March 2017, since then it has become a very popular hotspot place of Amsterdam with many tourists that know about it to because of the Instagram Page that was set up. The menu has a reasonable amount of choice with every dish being different. Because it’s new and a lot of people know about it. There is also a waiting que at the moment which can lead up to 1 hour and 30 minutes (It’s worth the wait when you get inside for the food). The atmosphere is very pleasant inside and the staff are friendly and all speak good spoken english. As drink I ordered a Iced latte which was very nice but a bit too strong for me. As a starter dish we ordered nachos which comes with cheese on top and 3 dips which are salsa, guacamole and sour cream but its a big portion. We also ordered Yakitori skewers which was very good. As our second dishes we all had 3x a poke bowl which is my absolute favourite because I had it last time and remembered how good it was. As last we had a dessert which was ”The Blind Date” It’s a avocado split in half thats like cake but it’s hard to describe what is in it or what it actually is but I had it last time as well and it was very good. I would definitely come again and always will probably but the only downside is the waiting que but you have to wait to receive good food. I would rate this a 5 out of 5


THE AVOCADO SHOW – Daniël Stalpertstraat 61, 1072 XB Amsterdam


On the 8th of April 2017, I went to a place called Corner Bakery, It’s named like this because it’s on a corner in Amsterdam, I had already visited this place a couple of times and the food has always been really good. This time I went with one of my best friends who now lives in the UK and took her here while she came to visit The Netherlands for a couple of days. We arrived around 11:45AM and it was slightly busy, we asked a guy who I know is the owner of Corner Bakery and is the one who makes sure everyone gets a table. Instead of having to wait for a table we sat outside because there was space and was quicker than having to wait. I ordered a milkshake which is one of the ”Must Haves” when visiting also I took American Pancakes and a donut because I was having a moment of sweetness. The service was quicker than the other times I have been visiting which was really good as we left in about half an hour from being there. The staff are friendly and most only speak english so if you come to visit from outside of The Netherlands there is no problem in having to understand our dutch language. I suggest when visiting Corner Bakery to come before 12PM because it gets very busy which I have experienced when being there. If you come around 1-2PM then you will probably have a waiting que for about half an hour. The price is reasonable for what you get. They don’t have a menu online only a Facebook and Instagram page but if you look on images what you want that is basically part of their menu. As I have been a lot of times I would definitely now and then come again. I would rate this a 5 out of 5 stars.


Corner Bakery – Johannes Vermeerstraat 40, 1071 DS Amsterdam


On the 1st of April 2017, I went to try a Vietnamese Street Food place which I had found on Instagram, It’s a new place in the district area of Amsterdam called ”De Pijp” which is a trendy upcoming location. I visited with my sister and my dad because we are big fans of Vietnamese food. We walked in and it was quite busy as we arrived around 1:15PM. But we were able to get a nice table near the door facing the window which had a view of the street where you could watch people go by. In the background they were playing Drake’s whole album which was relaxing and because I love drake so it wasn’t bothering. The staff were very friendly and we had good service. The food was really good, as we ordered a ”bun salad” which is a bowl of noodles with salad and chicken or whatever meat or vegetarian dish you wanted included, we also ordered the ”Goi Cuon” springrolls and you were able to choose different flavours, As a dessert which you can also take as a normal meal but because the table was small it wasn’t able to fit on and came a little later was the ”Pandan Waffle” which was my absolute fav and the best waffle I have ever eaten. As a drink I ordered a White chocolate milkshake which is not on the menu but you are still able to order and I definitely would recommend taking. I would for sure come back and would rate the place 5 out of 5 stars.

The menu is not on their website yet so I have taken a picture which you are then able to look from.


FRNZY – Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat 27 H, 1072 BC Amsterdam