BLUX (beauty box)

Good Morning,

Haven’t used my blog in ages but back for now with hopefully some new upcoming posts. For today’s post I will be talking about the Bluxbox which I have recently tried. Let me first explain a little more about it.

BLUX is a beautybox company in The Netherlands. Each month they deliver a box between 8 to 10 products for 29,95 euro. The products inside always add up to around 100 euro. If you are interested and would like to check out the website.

Here is the link to it ->

The BLUX box is only available to be sent in The Netherlands and Belgium.

I have been sent a box to test and was very happy with the outcome and with the products that were inside the box. Each month you can order a box with different products and brands inside of your beauty box.

Give it a try and order a box yourself, you are always able to cancel the subscription of your box.




Fuji Green Tea


The past 2 days I have been using a new product called ”Fuji Green Tea” cleansing hair scrub from @thebodyshop. I normally never use a hair scrub and this was my first time using a hair scrub. I must say it smells and feels amazing when using it. The product contains Japanese Green Tea, mint, salt-crystals and honey. Also it is 100% veggie and doesn’t contain silicones.

What my experience was when using the hair scrub. It made my scalp look much cleaner and healthier looking from using all hair styling products and hairsprays. Also in the mornings my hair felt much smoother and softer. It really helps getting rid of dust, smoke and sweat. Especially after the last 2 hot days my hair was very sweaty and it really helped making my hair looking more fresh. Also on windy days my hair gets a lot of dust and dirt but after experiencing this. I would definitely start using this hair scrub into my haircare routine.

How to use the product: 

  1. Before the first use stir well. 
  2. With a teaspoon mix the hair scrub and place the scrub together with water onto your hands. 
  3. Massage the hair scrub on your scalp 
  4. Rinse thoroughly afterwards
  5. Start seeing the results. 

Click here to buy the product♡